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The RENESIS engine installed in the RX-8 has its roots in the MSP-RE, unveiled at the 1995 Tokyo Motor Show as the power unit for the RX-01 concept sports car. The name RENESIS was given to the engine as exhibited in the 1999 iteration of the RX-01, after which RENESIS was meticulously prepared for series production.

By capitalizing on the intrinsic benefits of the RENESIS rotary engine—namely, low weight, compact size and high performance—Mazda was able to develop the RX-8, a wholly new concept, 4-door 4-seater genuine sports car. RENESIS is a 654cc x 2 rotor engine that generates an outstanding 250 PS (184 kW) maximum power at 8500rpm and 216 N.m (22.0 kgm) maximum torque at 5500rpm*. Thanks to its naturally-aspirated design, the engine realizes smooth, crisp response right up to very high speeds. RENESIS also shows a vastimprovement over the engine installed in the RX-7 in terms of fuel-efficiency and exhaust gas emissions. All of this was made possible by MDI (Mazda Digital Innovation) which allows the use of the same 3-D data from planning through to production, and the establishment of innovative measuring technology.

One concrete example of a technical breakthrough achieved this way is the cut-off seal that prevents blow-by of gases between the intake and exhaust ports which are located on the same surface.

The name RENESIS stands for “the RE (rotary engine)’s GENESIS”. The following account describes the inherent qualities of the new engine and the numerous innovative technologies which they are realized.


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